Carrie Bradshaw Gift Guide

Carrie Bradshaw Gift List - What would Carrie want?

Carrie Bradshaw Gift List – What would Carrie want?
|1. Sunglasses by Lookmatic |2. Rings by Zara £12.99 | 3. Dior Nail Polish Box £65 at Selfridges | 4. Ruffle Feather Sandals £58 byTopshop | 5. Suede Journal £18-34 by Anthropologie | 6. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt | 7. Dash Rucksack £180 by Kurt Geiger | 8. Fashion Insiders’ Guides £35 for two at Net a Porter

She may have worn aviators back in the day, but everyone knows next year’s sunglasses will be all about the cat eye- Carrie would get these Lookmatic Kitty glasses to be on trend ahead of everyone else.

We all know Carrie loves to wear “ghetto gold for fun” so she is sure to love these rings from Zara, which would be perfectly complimented by any of the gorgeous colours in this Dior Nail varnish set – girl has got to have something designer waiting for her on Christmas morning!

Who can forget the shoes of Sex and the City? One of the most fabulous and fun heels that Miss Bradshaw slipped into was the Dolce and Gabbana lilac fur stiletto bought for her by her high class hooker friend. Santa may be more subdued with his choice this year, but this Topshop pair will look amazing with an on-trend tux or jumpsuit for her New Year parties.

For the times when the Sad Mac pops up and forces Carrie’s writing to a halt, she’ll probably cope far better if she has this gorgeous suede journal from Anthroplogie by her side.

When she is not soul searching, dating or squeezing another pair of Manolos into her closet, Carrie might be able to fit some time read Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, the book everyone has been talking about this year (after a few copies of Vogue of course).

 It used to be all about the Fendi baguette, but times have changed and the backpack still firmly remains the style of the season. Carrie is sure be longing for the infamous Row Alligator  backpack which at £22,950 makes this Kurt Geiger copy look like a steal but made from real croc leather, it certainly won’t look like she bought if from the back of someone’s trunk.

Last but not least, the shelves in Carrie’s apartment will be complete when she adds these chic style and travel guides to her collection. The Paris edition will be essential for the next time she plans to hop over the pond.

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