Emergency Measures


The first step to erasing your sins, is of course, make up. I’m going to do a post on essential morning after make up bag next week but I think we can all agree that putting on a brave face is absolutely no use if you cannot even lift your own head.

To coax you out of bed – food is always the answer. You’ll need bananas for potassium and ginger tea to settle your stomach. Some people swear by eating a banana before you go to bed the night before but I don’t judge you for forgetting the fruit and heading for the fish and chips instead. You can’t be held accountable for your last 3 gins, let alone forgetting your potassiums levels.

Nothing solves the problem better than ginger tea, especially when one sip of water feels like a struggle. That said, it is essential that you keep hydrated. Coconut water is another great alternative, but if you can manage, grab a pint of water add a Berocca and 1,000mg of vitamin C and make a cocktail that is much more well behaved than the ones you were on last night.

Once you’ve settled your stomach, treat yourself to a bath with some epsom salt to detox and replenish.

If you are really in trouble, nothing will sort you out quicker than a Hot Yoga class. I know that with a pounding head spending time in Bikram’s “torture chamber” seems an unlikely remedy but even the hangover from death can be sweated out in 90 minutes.

Personally, my favourite way to banish the bad head day is a smoothie. If you can stand the blender, whip yourself up one of these hangover helping drinks.

Healthy Hangover Smoothie Recipe:

Blend together

  • 1 banana

  • 150 ml coconut water

  • 1 tbsp of chai seeds

  • 1 tsp of fresh grated ginger

  • 1 tbsp of coconut oil

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