The shoes at Next are fabulous and I’m not even afraid to say it.

I’ve already mentioned how suburban mum favourite Next has recently upped is shoegame. At the risk of sounding like a Next groupie (is there even such a thing?) I’m going to tell you all over again.

These shoes remind me of the kind that Carrie Bradshaw would lose it over, buy and then declare that she was broke for a month. Unlike those shoes however, these babies won’t set you back more than £60 so you don’t have to running around saying rubbish like ‘I bought the shoes because I felt they will feed me more.’ *

So treat yourself to a few new pairs – not to sound cliché but these heels will take you from boardroom to bar and everything else in between. They’re pretty snazzy and grown up, with just a hint of LK Bennett, but they’ll look good with everything from distressed denim to flippy skirts. Go forth and shop, after all it’s what Carrie would do.

Black Mule £55 |Laced Sandal £60 |Black Point Mule £30 |Monochrome Strap Point Toe Shoe £32 |Strap Detail Shoes £35 |Nude Metal T-bar Shoes £36



*To paraphrase CB. In all seriousness the more I watch Sex and the City as I get older the more I question it. Yesterday I watched the one where Carrie literally asks Miranda if she is turned on by a man dressed as a hot dog. Seriously, what was that about?

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