Reformation Has Answered All You’re Friday Night Fears – Here is What to Wear To a Flat Party

2e8006cf5c1fcb4dbd1dbd8c8d917207 What to wear to a flat party? The age old question and the text millions of girls will be sending across the world to their friends on a Friday night. Jeans or a dress? Heels or flats? And are we going out afterwards? Will you take a bag? A jacket? Some serious planning goes in to a night that usually ends barefoot with a stain down the top you so carefully picked out your flatmate’s wardrobe.

The problem starts with some smart ass telling you the dress code is ‘smart casual’. Seriously, who came up with this term and what does it even mean? People seem to have pretty wide interpretations of the term, so even when you think you’ve nailed it; they’ll always be someone at the party wearing an ultra-fitting co-ords outfit with a body so good you immediately regret the crisps you had with your getting-ready-drink. Or vice versa, someone in an achingly cool pair of jeans and great boots, who’ll shrug off all complements with a ‘aw I just came straight from work’ and a slug of their beer. At least you won’t be the girl that interprets ‘smart casual’ as wearing a bindi.

Personally I always get a little too excited, especially if I’m hosting, and always fall way more to the smart side of the dreaded smart casual dress code. Being in your last year at uni where most of your evenings consist of pounding the Red Bull and late night visits to the vending machine, all I ever wanted was a flat party where I could wear lipstick, down some tequila and have a late night visit to the chippy.

But the struggle is over. Reformation, the American eco-clothing label, has total nailed the flat-party dress code. Though the clothes, made from recycled vintage fabrics, are a little more expensive than your average Topshop number, the cool fabrics and slick designs are sure to make zero effort dressing look easy, regardless of how many texts you’ve sent begging your friends to ‘bring more options’. Unfortunately until ASOS get on the case and start stocking these amazing dresses pronto us poor brit girls are left pining for them online. Stock up during sale time (now: or make fast friends with that weird American second cousin you have.

These dresses are best matched with a low slug pony tail, barely there makeup, statement earrings and an incredible pair of shoes. Pick one of these and you’re ready for a night that ends down the pub, in a club or reclining on a sofa in a deep conversation about cheese with a bunch of art students. Now getting ready for that party can be as ready as A, B, C.  No muss, no fuss and most importantly, no questioning what ‘smart casual’ really is as you stare drunkenly at yourself in the mirror as another party-goer pounds on the bathroom door.

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